About Us

Kada Mall NG

Kada Mall NG is Kaduna's 1st and largest online mall and our mission is to become the engine of e-commerce and trade in Kaduna State.

We serve a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including Grocerie Products, Foods, Healthcare Products, Baby Products, Consumer Electronic Products, and much more.

Kada Mall NG offers you the opportunity to sell your products to millions of customers all over Nigeria, we provide a platform that helps you grow your business with a simple and easy interface for Sellers to manage and monitor their products. As a Seller on Kada Mall NG you only pay a commission on what you sell and registration is free.

Fast Food & Chops

Buy your fast food on Kada Mall NG, Buggers, Shawarma, Suya, Meat Pie's, Pizza, Spring rows, Samosa's, Cakes, Cup Cakes and more


Proccesed Foods

Buy your Proccessed Foods on Kada Mall NG, Pasta, Rice, Cooking Oil, Canned Foods, Cooking ingredients, Spices, Condiments and more


Drinks & Beverages

Buy your Drinks & Beverages on Kada Mall NG, Soft Drinks, Wines, Milk, Beverages, Tea, Coffee, Locally Made Drinks and more